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     Thoughts create your world.  Thoughts create your world even if you don't think they do.  If you think a thought over and over again, you will get it.  Here is an example: if someone says, “I am depressed”, and they say this over and over again, they will most likely become depressed.  Even if a person just says, “I am sad” over and over again, the person will become sadder and more depressed.  It’s like old saying, “The…

Loving Yourself First

By TONY PALERMO Published 3rd Mar 2017
The one thing I want to make crystal clear is please don’t hold a grudge or hate your ex. It will only hurt you, not your ex. The way we feel and treat ourselves will mean more than what anyone thinks of us. Loving yourself can change your life.

Think Positive Thoughts

By TONY PALERMO Published 2nd Jan 2017
This is what people don’t understand: It normally takes 21 days to change a habit. So if I was thinking in a negative way for a long time, it would take at least 21 days to change my mindset to think positively.
Feynan Eco Lodge in Jordan is a most incredible place to get away from it all and enjoy the space to think things through without interruption. Situated 20 minutes off the road by 4-wheel drive in a 1,000 acre breakout room, affording stunning views and some of the best star gazing I have ever seen, Feynan is ideal for executive coaching, facilitated workshops, strategy sessions, c-suite meetings and team coaching.  Retreating to a basic venue with limited luxuries will not suit all, but those…

You are powerful

By TONY PALERMO Published 13th Dec 2016
     In this article, I will talk about how you are more powerful than you ever thought possible.  Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a book called, Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life. He knew, if you just changed your thoughts, you could have a great impact on your life.       We need to talk about thoughts. If you change your thoughts to being more positive, it will change your life.  If you have negative thoughts, you will get negative results.  Positive…

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