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By TONY PALERMO Published 13th Dec 2016
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     In this article, I will talk about how you are more powerful than you ever thought possible.  Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a book called, Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life. He knew, if you just changed your thoughts, you could have a great impact on your life. 

     We need to talk about thoughts. If you change your thoughts to being more positive, it will change your life.  If you have negative thoughts, you will get negative results.  Positive thoughts equal positive results; therefore, we all need to think in positive ways.  We can use our thoughts to change our lives.  Therefore, we are more powerful than anyone has ever told us.  We can control our lives with our thoughts.

     If you’re thinking in a negative way, you should change your thoughts to the opposite, so you attract positive thoughts.  If you’re thinking today is a bad day, change your thinking to, today is a great day.  If you’re thinking, I can find no one to date, change it to, I have a great new relationship.  When you change your thoughts, great things will manifest in your life.

     Below I will give you examples of how we all should form our thoughts to get what we want in life.  I will teach you how to change a negative thought into a positive thought.  This way, you can have a great happy life.

     In this example, I will talk about relationships.  If you want a relationship in your life, a great affirmation is, “YES, I have a great relationship, and we love each other very much.”  This affirmation sums it up nicely; you have a relationship, and you love each other. It is very simple and to the point.  I have worked with clients who say, “I want a relationship.”  This is a negative affirmation because of the word want.  Want is something you never want to say, because you put that out into the universe, and instead of getting the relationship, you will always get the feeling of wanting a relationship. Can you see the difference?  The affirmation I said at the start of the paragraph is in the present tense.  The client who says, “I want a relationship” is telling the universe she wants something.  It won’t help the client, but it hurts the client.

     After you say the affirmation, “YES, I have a great relationship, and we love each other very much,” it’s time to get to work.  You must do work to show the universe you are serious about this affirmation.  The first step is to clean out your closet, so you make room for your partner.  The next step is, if you have a two-car garage and you park your car in the garage, but the other side is filled with your stuff, you need to clean it out to make room for your partner.  You doing all this cleaning, showing the universe you are ready and you expect the relationship. 

     It's all about expecting and forming your affirmations in the present tense.  If I would say, “YES, I’m going to get a relationship,” it’s not in the present tense, so the universe responds to that, and you will always be getting the relationship.  You must say your affirmations in the present tense to have that affirmation manifest in your life.

     Next, let’s look at having a negative view in life.  If you’re thinking in a negative way, you will get negative results.  You must change your negative thinking into a positive thought.  So, if you say, “I hate my life; my life is hard.  I never seem to get ahead,” you can say, “YES, I love and approve of myself; my life is wonderful and very easy.  I am living in abundance.”    

     Can you see how I changed the negative thinking to be positive?  This is what you must do in your life for everything.  I don’t want you to have any negative thoughts for long, because you want no negative thought to manifest in your life.

     You can create a great happy life for yourself, because you are powerful.  First, you must believe you can, and you must have a positive attitude, and you must think in positive ways.  It’s the only way you should think from now on.  Now, I know we sometimes have bad days, but when you feel you’re having a bad day or negative thoughts, I want you to change those thoughts to more positive thoughts.  This way, you give little energy to negative thinking.  You can do it; we all can do it.  You are wonderful.  

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83 weeks ago, by Pj
This is often clearly seen in sport, and in particular penalty taking in football, you can see how negative thinking impacts on body language, performance and results. Conversely positivity impacts favourably. Of course it's true in all areas of life.
You are what you eat....may be true. You are what you think, certainly is!
82 weeks ago, by Tony
Yes totally, you are what you think.
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