Great coaching venues - Feynan Eco Lodge, Jordan

By PJ STEVENS Published 18th Dec 2016
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Feynan Eco Lodge in Jordan is a most incredible place to get away from it all and enjoy the space to think things through without interruption. Situated 20 minutes off the road by 4-wheel drive in a 1,000 acre breakout room, affording stunning views and some of the best star gazing I have ever seen, Feynan is ideal for executive coaching, facilitated workshops, strategy sessions, c-suite meetings and team coaching. 

Retreating to a basic venue with limited luxuries will not suit all, but those with the courage to go to feynan will benefit from the peace and quiet, the space and time to talk about whatever needs to be talked about without the interference and comfort of offices, phones, tv and colleagues. 

Some may find the place boring..... Which is a good thing as we do not spend enough time in quiet space thinking and being, we try and fill our lives with distraction abd doing, rather than being. Some may call this mindfulness and indeed what a great venue this would be for a mindfulness retreat. I have only used it for executive and business coaching sessions for individuals and groups and can assure you that you will not forget the impact and value of going to this wonderful part of the world. 

Book up and take your directors, high performers, senior leadership team or project team to Feynan   and experience just what can be achieved when you give yourself the space and coaching you deserve. 




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Published 18th Dec 2016
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7 weeks ago, by Pj
It is an incredible venue...l basic, simple, and very effective. You can walk, climb, run....or just hang out in the 1000 acres of desert, rock and goats! Love the goats. And camels....
Importantly there are limited distractions and uninterrupted opportunities to think things through, to chat, discuss and have top coaching, executive coaching, team coaching and so on to impact on personal development that will benefit the individual, teams, projects and the organisation.
Looking for a great venue for your next coaching programme, then look up Feynan Eco Lodge.
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