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Personal Summary

I currently live in Gozo and work via the internet running my hypnotherapy franchise business and developing my on-line life coaching
I live the laptop lifestyle and live life on my terms, working where I find myself. I love life and adventure.
This year (2015), throughout the summer I will be writing my blogs and books whilst delivery yachts around the world.

Professional Summary

I promote a philosophy of working around your life, not living around your work. I tweet, blog and write about how to stay mentally fit and healthy living life on your terms and being the best you can be.
I'm a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and run my franchise hypnotherapy business Old Town Hypnotherapy, but personally I spend most of my time writing and providing support and advice via social media.
I'm a personal development coach and life coach with my strength in understanding the brain, physiology, personality archetypes and relationships.
Please feel free to get in touch by twitter if you would like some support.


I'm passionate about Sailing (hence the yacht delivery), I love travelling but not being a tourist and I run whenever I can.
I love the diversity of different cultures
My passion is for personality archetypes and coaching people to have better relationships.


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