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Personal Summary

Hello everyone & thank you for being here today. I am Valentina and I specialize in corporate dynamics and quarter & mid-life crises. What does that mean? It just means that with time, demand and professional as well as personal experience I found my strongest point to be assisting individuals in turning those often very difficult periods and circumstances of crises into a trampoline to real success (as opposed to socially imposed standards of one), self-understanding and a lot more conscious happiness.

I am a believer in creating radical changes as opposed to going through a slower gradual process of improvement (in the context of life-coaching) although both are needed. The reason is that a positive shift of that kind is what many clever and ambitious people like you actually need. A spark and a goal-oriented kick. I often use NLP to achieve that. However, 'life-coaching' is a skill-set and my clients adopt and use a lot of what they've learnt long after their work with me is done

Professional Summary

Personal Performance Life Coach. | Specialty: Corporate Dynamics & Quarter/Mid-Life... choices. | Unusually combining Investment banking & Entrepreneurial background with Life Coaching & NLP gives her work that extra kick of reality and drive needed. | Walking the talk herself Ina knows and appreciate the true importance of producing results with the assistance of a life coach. This enables her to get you ahead in your own game quicker. | Genuine and fully committed to her client's success she acts with the highest standard of professionalism and integrity.

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