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Rant or Rave
175 weeks ago, by Colin
Parenting and other vacuums
There are too many vacuums now - media, corporate ethics, etc. Government can and should play a role here by defining frameworks for regulation (eg banking, tax) that are much simpler and stop belly-aching about people avoiding tax or taking mad risks. To help align individual interest to community interest is Government's job - to set the framework within which we operate together. The fall of the traditional Civil Service has left this vacuum, then creaing other vacuums, and society suffers.
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169 weeks ago, by Colin
I'm sorry Aboodi. I can't agree with your willingness to impose a moral official state on others. I'm religious myself but I can't justify imposing my moral views on you, or vice versa. A democratic society tempers society somewhat, even if we dislike much of what individuals do with their freedom. If you do want someone 'big' to come along and impose a morality, however, I'd be happy to oblige if you all want to live on Planet Colin :)
Take care...
169 weeks ago, by Aboodi
Where do I sign up to live on Planet Colin?

What's the weather like?
169 weeks ago, by Colin
Ah...then you just did :)
You'll be swept up in a flying saucer as soon as you step outside your home. See you there! Weather? Where we going we have a completely new kind of 'weather'! You'll love it if you love me, or hate it if you hate me!
Have fun...
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