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11 weeks ago, by Pj
Coaching delivers demonstrable value.
I'm a fan of coaching, be that business coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, team coaching, health, sport, performance coaching.
So my rave is that coaching works and delivers valid, demonstrable change, often quantifiable value....
But my rant is that not enough businesses look at coaching as a key part of their developmental strategy.
So let's all rave about coaching , and share quality articles and insights to educate the world about the genuine value of coaching, in all its forms.
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Pj Stevens

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30th December 2014
I live on the south Coast, with my wife and two boys, I love sports, activities, fishing, golf and my work.
Experienced executive, team and business coach, specialising in people and performance, with a reputation for supporting effective change, turnaround, m&a, risk and improvement. Currently on the Barclays Bank faculty for performance coaching. Clients include board directors, entrepreneurs, c-suite and some sports stars - including Olympic medallists, sailors, premier footballers and golfers. Has been referred to as a fire-starter and a game changer. Often works with smaller companies £15-150million to coach senior members through change, IPO, M&A and development periods. Very happy working with Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Funds to support their investments in business.
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